who we are:


Our values are not just our values. They are how we live... and work.

After several years of running our company, and our lives, by a certain set of values, we decided to say them out loud so that we could even more firmly follow them. These values are our secret sauce, and like sauces improve with care and time, so have our commitment to our values and our use of them in our everyday work.

To help us identify our values, we created an image to go with each one.

Intersection of Excellence and Practicality

We want great ideas that are feasible and leverage existing systems and practices to create elegant solutions that are not whiz bang, but honor people where they are and where they can go.


We show up real to teammates and clients and we admit to mistakes and are vulnerable.


We are flexible, long-lasting, reliable, and responsible.


We are proactive problem solvers that take leadership roles and seek innovation.


We listen to others so we can see their perspectives, and we bring our breadth of experience when we consider the learner’s experience.


We cultivate a natural sense of wonder by always questioning how to improve or asking if there is a better way.


We invest in communities by supporting good causes, recognizing and supporting the personal lives and families of teammates and clients. We treat people and ourselves well.

Naming the values helps us to be clear about what they are so that team members, clients, and partners all know what to expect. These are things we’ve done since we were just starting out as a team of three. When we founded Vivayic, we did so because we wanted to build a workplace where we actually wanted to work. These behaviors, our values, were cornerstones of the type of team we wanted to join. So, they grew more out of doing than just saying.

We feel these behaviors have helped us build amazing relationships with our clients and with each other. We decided, as a team, to capture them so that we could be more intentional about living them on a daily basis in our interactions with each other and with our clients. It isn’t for show or because you’re supposed to have values; these aren’t just things we aspire to — these are things we actually DO on a regular basis. Our values are part of our language. When we’re brainstorming a new solution, we sit back and actually ask ourselves — does this marry excellence and practicality? Our values are our gut check to make sure we’re staying true to what makes us effective.