Vivayic Talent:

Whitney Green

Learning Analyst

“I see learning content as kind of a puzzle. I get to help find and arrange the pieces of that puzzle. I like finding the exact content that is needed to meet learning objectives. Once I have that content, I enjoy piecing it together into just the right learning model to reach the intended audience. Anyone can learn anything if it is presented to them in the right way. That’s the big picture of the puzzle that I get to work on every day!”

Everyone needs an efficiency guru who ensures the job gets done. That’s why we have Whitney. She pares down the problem to what is most important, then solves the puzzle. Combined with an endearing empathy, Whitney’s direct approach creates teams who can generate solutions on a deadline, while managing workloads and capacity.

Before Vivayic, Whitney was the Managing Editor at Texas A&M Agrilife. She oversaw her team of editors and designers to create and publish educational publications. She’s made it a life goal to open and operate a string of career hubs for people who find themselves without a home or are otherwise struggling to find employment. Her hubs would provide application tools, clothing, showers & haircuts to help people find good jobs.

With bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Texas A&M, Whitney lives in College Station, TX, with her husband Dalton, and their pets Daisy (corgi), Miley (Dachshund), and Arya (cat). She spends her spare time enjoying bookstores, music venues and tracking down the next killer thrift deal. You’ll spot her desk by the stock of Papermate Flair pens, and if you ever roadtrip with her, she’ll introduce you to the joy of listening to full albums, front to back.