Vivayic Talent:

Tobin Redwine

Functional Leader

“People think in terms of story. So it’s our obligation and our opportunity to tell compelling stories. Stories are born from deeply understanding people, context, data, and crafting it all together in a humanized package. When we do that, we prepare our story—our ideas—to land in a way that maximizes impact. Stories make people care. And when people care, they change the world.”

Being elected Texas FFA president swept the recently graduated Tobin from his tiny panhandle farm town of Lazbuddie into a year of stumping for agriculture all across the Lonestar State. After that year of travel, he went on to earn degrees from Texas A&M (B.S. & PhD) and Texas Tech (M.S.). After earning his PhD, he became a professor at his Alma Mater, teaching Agriculture Communications and Journalism in the department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications, and researching the intersection of international agriculture and communication strategies.

#MusicMonday and an endless ability to coax smiles from stressed undergrads with dad jokes made Tobin a popular professor on the A&M campus. His students noted his passion for making important topics interesting and appreciated his vocal advocacy for mental health.

Tobin’s colleagues recognize him as an accomplished data scientist. For relevant data, meaning making and compelling data storylines, they turn to Dr. Redwine. He adds his writing skills to data interpretation and turns fuzzy numbers into story arcs everyone can understand. He’s not afraid to get philosophical, either. A question like, “How do we know what we know?” makes for enthralling discussions — and excellent quality control.

After their years of school and career moves, Tobin and his wife settled down on a small farm in Montgomery, TX. There, they love on their three boys and daughter, while also providing a foster family to children who need safe and nurturing homes. Tobin also sits on Fields of Hope’s board of directors, a faith-based international agricultural development organization. He loves Topo Chico, coffee, and if he could, he’d invent a self-folding laundry machine.