Vivayic Talent:

Sierra Comstock

Learning Designer

“I enjoy exploring the world and seeing how my purpose and passion can fit into making it a better place.”

A Californian at heart, Sierra moved to Oklahoma to attend Oklahoma State University and study Agricultural Education (#gopokes), so she could learn about agriculture in a place that was so different from where she grew up — from citrus and avocados, to cattle and wheat.

Sierra is a get-it-done person. As an Agricultural Education student teacher at Woodward Public Schools, she wrote curriculum, implemented “hands-on, minds-on” activities with students, and led multiple Career and Leadership development events. While working for the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, she oversaw and coordinated OK FFA Alumni events throughout the year while assisting her team with day-to-day operations.

If something is complex, let Sierra handle it. In fact, the more moving pieces the better. She thrives when evaluating dozens of variables and arranging them until she’s sure they’re in the most productive configuration possible.

While being able to look at things critically, tied together with a clear “why” behind the work she does, it’s no wonder she moves forward with confidence. Sierra is fueled by knowing that the solutions cultivated through her work increases the capacity for others to do good in the world.

No longer able to use the word “Sooner” while living in Oklahoma, Sierra has to be creative about referring to things like being “prompt” or getting there “quicker.” Though based in the Great Plains, she and her husband Haden enjoy exploring national parks, backpacking around the world, hiking with friends and family, as well as enjoying slow time at the beach too. Give her sunshine and a mug of coffee, and she’s totally fulfilled.