Vivayic Talent:

Shane Kinne

“I love partnering with people and organizations to help them grow toward their full potential.”

Hailing from a small town in northwest Missouri (think tiny, with a graduating class of 18), Shane’s eyes have been set for making a difference. Through promoting agricultural advocacy, farmer engagement in government processes, and raising funds for ag support in Eswatini, Africa — he’s generously shared his talents both in the U.S. and globally.

Shane sees the big picture. When there are a lot of moving pieces, he assesses situations objectively, being a voice of reason and cutting through noise and indecision with ease. He likes finding answers, making things easy to understand, and following through on his promises. Ultimately, his desire is to help people improve their lives through growth and development.

Shane attended the University of Missouri (Go Tigers!) and studied Agricultural Education. He now lives in Clinton, MO. When he’s not making weird “thinking” noises at his desk (Thankfully, he works from home and his kids don’t know any different...yet.), he’s traveling the world, volunteering for an African ministry with his wife, hunting with his bird dog, and exploring the great outdoors with his kids.