Vivayic Talent:

Seth Heinert

Learning Analyst

“If I get to be part of chipping away at some of the toughest problems today in the space of natural resources, education, women’s empowerment, agriculture, food security, etc. I’ll consider myself very fortunate. Plus, I think people all over the world deserves outstanding educational experiences in all dimensions.”

Seth and his wife, Lisa, live in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming near her family’s farm. Measuring by Wyoming standards, Pine Bluffs is a close 5 hour drive from Seth’s childhood home near Hulett. If you’ve ever been to Devil’s Tower National Monument, you’ve been pretty close (at least by Wyoming standards). It was there in Hulett where Seth first learned about agriculture while helping out on his family’s cow/calf ranch.

It’s obvious to his peers that Seth is drawn to really tough problems. Professionally, he’s known for looking at stubborn issues through the lens of education as the vehicle of change. On an ideal day, Seth wakes up early, drinks 800 cups of coffee and talks education.

He also holds deep convictions. Seth is deeply bothered that kids all over the world, even in the USA, struggle with food insecurity and access to high quality education from teachers who care about their students. Seth has taken his convictions with him, teaching high school in the U.S. and East Africa and directing agriculture & equine programs at Laramie County Community College.

Seth will tell you that he does three things: work, time with family and personal projects. Seth and Lisa deliberately chose a location close to family, so that their three kids, David, Jonathan and Hannah, could grow up in a tight knit community. He keeps bees, chickens, a garden, loves woodworking and plays guitar whenever possible. He also gives his time to non-profits like Orkeeswa, which provides holistic education in Tanzania, Africa, and Habitat for Humanity, building and improving places people call home.