Vivayic Talent:

Sarah Nerswick

Learning Designer

“What really excites me about all I do is that this is exponential work. We aren’t just serving one client. We are serving one group that in turn can impact hundreds upon thousands.”

East Coast born and raised, Sarah ventured out of Columbia, Maryland, to the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!), where she secured her Bachelor’s in Ag Education and Master’s in Ag Leadership. Today, Sarah and her Marine Corps husband of 10 years, Sam, and their kids, Paige & Callan, live near her childhood stomping grounds in Rockville, Maryland.

Sarah combines high level execution skills with the ideas of a dreamer. Where others might default to old solutions, Sarah is comfortable running with “so crazy it just might work!” Right out of college, while Sam was stationed in eastern North Carolina, she used her skills to restart an ag education program there. Then, Sam was moved to Georgia, so Sarah started a program from scratch in Alpharetta, which grew to become a highly decorated chapter at the state and national levels.

In the middle of all of her planting, growing and educating, she witnessed a lack of accessible, relevant and easy to implement professional development. Again dreaming big, she founded Germinate, a virtual national conference for ag educators to teach and learn together. Her idea grew into Green & Growing education, and her small but high-powered team equips ag teachers with a resources including a podcast, blog, conference and specialist work.

The whole family loves quality time together and group walks with their dog, Gravy. Sarah also loves gardening and a good book. When she’s not chasing the thrill of developing helpful, innovative solutions, Sarah chases fitness at Pure Barre.