Vivayic Talent:

Sandy Klein

Project Owner

“I work hard to see every problem in a new light. I always think, ‘How can I think about this differently?’ A good plan can stand up to the unexpected.”

Sandy’s small hometown in NW Kansas taught her to always be ready to jump in and serve when the opportunity presents itself. That neighborly intention has stayed with Sandy through a BS in Ag Education, a Masters in Curriculum & Instruction, and 11 years as Assistant Dean, all at Kansas State University.

That might be part of why you won’t find it easy to catch Sandy off guard. She’s got a to-do list, a plan and a backup plan, because she’s always aiming for perfection and only settling for excellence. She values doing good work with good people and leaving everything better than when she found it.

Though Sandy is disciplined and extremely motivated, her teams value her ability to maintain levity with well-executed humor that drives off the bad vibes. She’s turned sarcasm into an art that lifts spirits and sheds burdensome doubts holding us back from the best possible course of action.

Sandy calls Manhattan, KS home with her husband Andy, and kids Cora, Bode and Thad. They look forward to sledding, DIY house projects (like building their own home 5 years ago!), and Fun Only Days — where the family agrees to only have fun for a whole day.