Vivayic Talent:

Samantha Blackwell

Learning Analyst

“I love identifying problems and helping work through the process of fixing those problems to make a positive difference for others. ”

Samantha was the first full-time Ag Communications instructor at Missouri State University. In her two years at MSU, she laid the foundations for the future Ag Communications degree program. She then acquired both her M.S. in Agricultural Communication and her PhD in Agricultural Education from Oklahoma State University. Samantha transformed the infamous (to students) Ag Public Speaking course into a challenging, yet worthwhile and relevant pursuit for students. Under her tutelage, Ag Public Speaking grew from one section to six, teaching up to 150 students in a semester.

In addition to delivering excellent instruction, Samantha found a love for research by way of Q Methodology. Q allowed her to inform data sets with people’s nuanced perspectives. Methodologies in hand, Samantha creates a space for multiple perspectives to be presented, discussed, and explored in a safe environment. She breaks down complex topics into manageable pieces, while keeping the big picture in perspective

Samantha’s clients receive anchored, trustworthy data, interpreted by more human perspectives. She has seen those perspectives achieve greater efficacy identifying the best product or final outcomes over traditionally cold numerical data sets.

Today, Samantha lives in her hometown of Archie, MO, where she and her husband Brandon raise their daughter Emmalynn. Samantha will have it known that she was into the farmhouse decorating style long before it became cool. She loves coffee, would cure cancer if she could, and dreams of a farm where mini animals of all species roam, mini donkeys, pygmy goats, and dwarf sheep included.