Vivayic Talent:

Reva Hartenstein

Learning Designer

“Learning is not limited to formal education; learning happens in everyday moments, planned or unplanned. I love finding those moments or helping to create them for others- then expanding and putting meaning behind them.”

Reva has called Imbler, Oregon home for most of her life and wouldn’t have it any other way. She left her hometown for a short time to attend Oregon State University, where she studied Agricultural Sciences and Spanish, met her husband and started a career. Now, she’s back on the family ranch in the same house she grew up in with her husband Samuel, daughter Ruth, and golden retriever Amigo.

The family’s cattle ranch and her cousin’s grass seed and mint farm provided Reva with her first jobs. During college, Reva was a leadership conference facilitator and coordinator for Oregon FFA and the National FFA Organization, spending her summers in Washington, D.C. Most recently, she worked as a Safety Management Consultant, helping organizations create high-performing workplace cultures through safety advancement. She thrived on creating relevant and meaningful learning experiences for her clients in this role. In 2021, the National Safety Council recognized her as a Rising Star of Safety.

Reva finds herself at home looking at big picture problems and tracing issues down to the root causes. After discovering the heart of the problem, Reva is a wonder at identifying the path forward. She believes that solutions should be delivered through a holistic approach to create meaningful and lasting change.

You’ll find Reva outside working in her garden, on their hay farm, or on her family’s cattle ranch. When Samuel and Reva aren’t working outside, you can find them hiking, skiing, or biking. During basketball season, though, she’s in the gym- coaching high school girls basketball. Reva and Samuel have big, loud, and loving families, and they enjoy making memories with them as often as possible. Reva takes on each day with a smile, a cup of coffee (and stroopwafel), and her favorite lipstick.