Vivayic Talent:

Rebekah McCarty

Learning Designer

“Every interaction brings us the opportunity to step into the lives of others, walk alongside them for a little while, and begin to understand the world as they see it. Investing in the growth of those around us gives others the opportunity to experience acceptance while allowing ourselves to see the world as it truly is”

Reserve, NM doesn’t make it onto many maps. But Rebekah’s tiny hometown made for the perfect place to grow up learning how to work hard and care for land on her family’s ranch. It’s also why Rebekah’s parents encouraged her and her siblings to see everything else the world has to offer. Rebekah’s first foray off the farm was to New Mexico State University, where she earned her B.S in Agriculture and Extension Education and will earn her M.A. in Agricultural and Strategic Communications.

Rebekah’s colleagues describe her as a self-motivated actualizer. She takes an idea and runs, achieving far more than the original expectation. Securing agriculture’s future is one of those ideas, which is why Rebekah facilitates for the National FFA Organization, assisting in student experiences such as 212/360, New Century Farmer, and State Officer Programs.

Rebekah will take any possible opportunity to talk about agriculture. She’s known for impromptu road trips back to the family ranch or finding unique connections that allow her to introduce someone to the process behind their food. That is why, when clients need messaging, we turn to Rebekah. Her passion for agriculture, plus her talent for adopting multiple viewpoints, nets our clients the widest possible reach.

You're just as likely to find Rebekah with a chai latte as you are to find her with plane tickets to her next adventure. She loves chasing new experiences and seeing all the world has to offer. Rebekah’s also just as happy riding her horse through fields of grazing cattle or spending a day on the back end of a shovel, moving dirt to help irrigate the family pastures.