Vivayic Talent:

Nandu Madimchetty

Director of Technical Solutions

“Technology, when applied correctly to a situation, should make things easier for its end users.”

Nandu holds a bachelor’s degree from Pondicherry Engineering College and spent his year after graduation in an entrepreneurship program. He and his wife, Kavita, have been married for 20 years. Together, they live with their son, Akhil, and daughter, Kushi, in the South of France.

Throughout his career, Nandu has developed a reputation for helping clients bring their dreams and goals into reality. For Nandu, there’s nothing as exciting as collaborating to build a system that creates additional possibilities for everyone. Working with Nandu, it’s easy to see why he made “anything is possible'' his life’s motto. He’s happy to show you how true it can be!

Nandu and Kavita relocated their family to the South of France in 2018. While the kids had to learn French on the fly, the move also proved a language learning catalyst for Kushi. Already used to English, Telugu (her mother tongue), Hindi and a bit of Sanskrit, Kushi tackled French and then Spanish. She continues to learn Latin in school and Chinese through Duolingo in her free time.

In his free time, Nandu enjoys gardening and wandering idyllic French village markets with the family. Skye, their German Shepherd, keeps everyone entertained and feeling awesome about what life has to offer. When the need for inspiration strikes, Nandu and the family simply hit the road.