Vivayic Talent:

Molly Loughridge

Project Owner

“I love watching the lightbulb come on for people. It’s such a good feeling. I love that the work I do at Vivayic helps to foster those moments for our clients and team.”

When Molly imagines incredible people doing exciting work in the USA, she imagines rural America. Born and raised in Mayview, MO, she’s well acquainted with tapping small town potential to make big impacts. Beautiful scenery is just icing on the cake, which is why she loves living in Georgia with her husband Michael.

Molly’s dad taught her to make connections with others count. “People always remember how you make them feel,” he reminded her often. She invests in every interaction, leaving her clients, teammates, and friends with a more sure understanding of personal dignity. To Molly, every person carries a unique self worthy of honor.

Her high value of human connection builds quick rapport between teams. She establishes common ground so both parties can walk together toward the best possible solution. For Molly, Vivayic delivers solutions through established relationships, key questions asked and core values made manifest into tangible outcomes that make the world a better place.

Molly conquers the day with chocolate, peanut butter and a passion for great lipstick. She loves her family and maintains a firm belief that gravel roads prove stiff competition to the idea of “long walks on the beach.” Some day, she will invent a blowdryer capable of drying thick hair in under two minutes, saving the thick heads of hair among us extraordinary amounts of time.