Vivayic Talent:

Marie Steskal

Learning Designer

“I love making things come alive. I love turning content into a course and then making that course functional and engaging. There’s nothing better than seeing our final product.”

Marie was born in Elgin, Nebraska, where just 15 people made up her graduating class, all of whom she still considers close friends. She’s proud of her origins and the family farm she grew up on. Marie attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and currently resides in York, Nebraska, with her husband, Andrew.

Everyone knows that Marie doesn’t miss the details. Consistency and quality drive her work, and she always catches what others might overlook. Her propensity for asking the right questions quickly aligns her work with client values.

Nothing lights up Marie’s day like courses and content coming to life. Projects begin as a list of facts. When Marie is done, those lists blossom into fully functioning courses with meaningful interactions, deep questions and fulfilling learning experiences.

As an absolute extrovert, Marie places a high value on connections with others. She works hard to be kind to everyone. There’s nothing like a good story and a dash of kindness in every interaction to brighten the day. Marie is also a great storyteller. Outside of work, Marie loves working in organizations with good people and great missions. She’s an avid cycler, lover of chocolate and enjoys all the time she can get with her friends and family.