Vivayic Talent:

Lorena Hernandez

Resource Manager

“I love working with people and helping them identify their skills and strengths, so they can achieve their personal and professional goals.”

Lorena isn’t shy about proclaiming the title of Nerd: specifically, in the areas of math, science, and puns. She loves to offer up that she does indeed use algebra at work every day. Immersed in a spreadsheet is where Lorena feels most at home.

A train conductor meticulously reviews schedules to keep the rail yard running efficiently. You might find them instructing train crews on connecting cars or inspecting equipment before it leaves the yard. Lorena is our conductor although Resource Manager is her official title. She’s behind the scenes inspecting schedules, reviewing data, and making sure just the right engineers are on on board for any particular solution. As you might expect, she shows up to most meetings with a spreadsheet of data.

Working in both city and state governments, Lorena has coordinated youth development, community-based programming, and workforce programs. She created a unique culture for her teams: a culture where it was safe for her department to work alongside and learn from other departments; a culture where her team coordinated with public partners, non-profits, and businesses to identify community needs; a culture where her team produced solutions as opposed to more “stuff and things” (as Lorena calls it).

Super Aunt is another title Lorena touts. Aunt Lorena is always up for fun. The Omaha Zoo (best zoo in the nation), local concerts, and city parks are favorite locations to spend time with the nieces and nephews. Lorena is an Omaha native. After a few stops, she has found her way back home.