Vivayic Talent:

Lauren Millang

Learning Designer

“I love to see the potential in projects, people and solutions. Once I envision the end goal and see where value can be added, I am excited to bring ideas and creativity to achieve that end goal.”

Lauren hails from Woodland, California, two hours from both sandy shores and snowy mountain ranges. Pretty sweet, but when she traveled to Oklahoma State University for a degree in Agricultural Communications, she discovered deep connections and love for a slower pace of life. It stuck!

Lauren challenges her teammates and projects toward adventure. She’s an astute process evaluator, and relishes any opportunity to add value. Lauren works backwards from a future vision based on goals to bring her fresh ideas and creativity to bear. Trust Lauren to pioneer new & exciting approaches to pathways in need of new life.

When she’s not taking walks around Edmond, OK or enjoying the local coffee scene, Lauren’s probably exchanging life stories with her neighbor next to her on the airplane. She’s an old soul, loves dark chocolate, and wants to be remembered for changing the world for the better. To find Lauren in the office, just follow the butterflies.