Vivayic Talent:

Kelsey Ellis

Editorial Director

“I love fine-tuning a person’s words and ideas so their message can be clearly understood by users.”

Impact. There are few things as beautiful to Kelsey than clearly communicated ideas that make a positive impact in the world. You’d expect an Editorial Director to be highly organized, have a great eye for detail, and love efficiency. Kelsey is all of these in spades. As Editorial Director, Kelsey establishes editing protocols and processes to ensure our learning solutions are as effective as possible and represent the best of our clients.

Kelsey’s career path has been a straight road; she knew in high school that she wanted to be an editor and picked George Mason University for their Technical Writing and Editing program. In the nearly 20 years since then, she’s been doing exactly what she loves — using her talents to help make an impact.

What makes Kelsey the perfect fit for Vivayic is her deep commitment to issues and causes that are important to her. She is passionate about advocacy for issues related to special education. She is an avid supporter of all things local in her adopted hometown of Kansas City, and she is devoted to the tribes in her life — her family, friends, and fellow parents.

Kelsey also possesses two characteristics common at Vivayic — quirkiness and kindness. She has a lot of specific habits with her office supplies (pens, in particular) and a fascination with scary movies. And, while your inclination is to believe an editor is always looking to correct your writing/language/life, Kelsey embodies compassion and acceptance.

Kelsey and her husband, Ike, have three sons, and when their lives aren’t revolving around school, Boy Scouts, and video games, they love to travel, cook, and discuss ideas from great books and podcasts.