Vivayic Talent:

Karl Eggers

Creative Director

“The work we do is incredibly exciting to me, because it allows me to be creative and solve visual puzzles with the end goal of helping people learn.”

Getting lost in old-time American music — the kind your great grandparents were into — is an afternoon well spent for Karl. Music keeps Karl balanced. In fact, you typically won’t find Karl in large crowds unless he’s performing behind a guitar or banjo.

Karl’s graphic design work is similar to the old-time music you’ll hear from his banjo. Old-time music is influenced by a wide variety of cultures which are honored in its distinct sound. Each song tells a story. It wraps melody (main message) in a group of musicians working together to create a sound more powerful than one person. Karl brings that unifying quality to his creative work — staying true to the main message while creating imagery around the melody to make the message have more impact.

Karl is fluent in the process of achieving successful visual solutions for any design-related challenge. As creative director, he plays a unique role with our clients. His distinct ability to guide without losing sight of the big picture has proven invaluable. You won’t find Karl intimidating or beholden to his own preferences. You can rest easy in the fact that Karl promises to never share a design he wouldn’t be proud of.

Karl credits his hometown in Missouri with being just boring enough to produce a bunch of self-motivated, creative people. He traded Jefferson City for Springfield where he received his BFA in Graphic Design from Missouri State University. Prior to joining Vivayic, Karl was full-time with his own agency, Karl Eggers Design.

Karl, wife Britni, and daughter Wren, now call Kansas City home. If you’re in town, they can suggest a number of quaint, local restaurants with great flavor and vibes. A perfect evening at the Eggers’ would include great food, maybe a movie on the couch, and would wrap up with smooth bourbon listening to great music on vinyl records — maybe even some old-time stuff.