Vivayic Talent:

Jordan Brown

Learning Designer

“There’s a sense of freedom in having the knowledge and skills to be at your very best for the things you care most about in the world. I love that our work helps others find that sense of freedom.”

Jordan grew up in small town Kansas, where her family of makers showed her how to make anything better than she can buy it. She honed her do-it-yourself skills facilitating and coaching state FFA associations, interning with the Kansas Farm Bureau and Vivayic in grad school, and working in K-State’s College of Agriculture academic programs. Through these experiences, she discovered her love for wielding a homegrown maker’s mindset to create better, more intentional learning experiences.

Jordan has a gift for turning a blank canvas into something remarkable. She thrives under challenging opportunities to start from scratch with deep, creative thinking. Jordan carefully listens, insightfully asks questions, and delivers solutions fine-tuned for her audience’s learning needs. The better her “students” learn, the better they love and impact their own communities.

Today, Jordan lives in Wamego, Kansas (the Little Apple), where she earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Kansas State. She loves running with her husband, a dairy cow enthusiast, and their more-golden-than-doodle Paisley. Don’t be surprised if you see Jordan with an extra splash of watercolors, acrylic paint, royal icing or buttercream, because she’s always using her artistic side to help someone else feel celebrated. If you’re not careful, she’ll have you making a mess, creating something, and then cleaning it up before you know what happened.