Vivayic Talent:

Jenna Large

Learning Designer

“I love empowering others to stretch and grow through meaningful and creative learning experiences. Applied knowledge allows each of us to do more good in the world.”

“In my time working with Jenna, I noticed that she was hardworking, always looking for ways to improve the programs she managed, and had a quick wit. I imagine being be on a project with Jenna at Vivayic will be equal parts work hard/laugh hard.”

This is a quote from a fellow team member about Jenna. The ability to improve and work hard/laugh hard are critical to success at Vivayic. The wit definitely helps her hold her own! Perhaps her only ding was claiming the Buckeyes as her alma mater.

Prior to Vivayic, Jenna worked as a development specialist designing and rolling out training on environmental quality standards. She learned firsthand the technical and social ins and outs of successfully rolling out a training initiative. While not an engineer by training, her specialty is engineering sustainable systems and reworking processes that were previously inefficient or painful to manage. She finds few things as gratifying as seeing people enjoying a previously dreaded task.

Jenna has a unique ability to meet a group where they are. She brings them to consensus in the name of progress and innovation. Jenna combines attention to detail and raw initiative to leave things better than she finds them. She is the person in the room that listens, processes, and asks a brilliant question. You find yourself nodding your head as Jenna speaks realizing, “She gets it! She will help us map out the right solution.”

Jenna grew up in Farmersville, Ohio. “It’s exactly what it sounds like,” she says. “More cows than people!” After earning her degree in Agriculture Education, she returned to spend a few years teaching high school agriculture in her home town. Post Ohio, Jenna earned a Master's Degree in Agricultural Leadership and Community Education. Community is a value of Jenna’s. She seeks to build it, regardless of location, with friends new and old. She’s the kind of friend you wish for; the one who listens, the one who invests in you, and the one who encourages you to pursue your passions. In the fall of 2018, Jenna married her best friend, Austin. (We believe Austin is the reason for the most recent move to Texas!) You’ll find the two of them searching for the best trails in Austin, crafting (at least Jenna anyway), and cheering for Ohio State on Saturdays.