Vivayic Talent:

Hannah Chavez

Learning Analyst

“Knowing how individuals learn best is fascinating. I love having the space to create innovative and energizing learning solutions for all types of learners.”

Always looking to bring people together, Hannah lives in Lodi, California, close enough to host family BBQ’s every Sunday. Her eagerness to serve helped her pursue a BS in Agricultural Science and Education from Chico State University and one year in the National Student Exchange at the University of Alabama. She and her husband, Anthony, enjoy the outdoors every chance they get, hiking, camping, snowboarding and more, all with their adorably chunky Pitbull mix, Evee and their daughter Emree.

For 14 years, Hannah has participated in, learned from and led in FFA. Before Vivayic, she spent four and a half years as the Leadership Development Coordinator for the California FFA. During her tenure, she managed the four California leadership conferences and created the capstone leadership conference for high school seniors.

Hannah has a knack for pinpointing how people best learn. Her fascination for the human brain at all levels of development leads to incredible creative experiences that speak to the learner at every development level. Hannah’s clients appreciate her diligence in finding the best possible way to engage an audience.

Quick to volunteer, Hannah gives of her time teaching Sunday school at their church, serving on missions trips and helping people experiencing homelessness in her town have basic necessities. If you’re looking for houseplant or floral advice, ask Hannah, she owns more than a few and can tell you how best to care for your green hued friends. She might just help you arrange them!