Vivayic Talent:

Gabby Granillo

Learning Analyst

“I love being a client or teammate’s go-to person. I really enjoy the process of listening, asking questions and relationship building to understand how I can show up for someone in just the way they need. I work hard to design solutions that exceed expectations so the next time there is a task at hand, the folks I have worked with have someone trusted they can comfortably turn to for top-notch work (and a good laugh!)”

Gabby grew up in Galt, California and got her Ag Economics degree from UC Davis. She and her husband, Daniel have two dogs, Buddi and Delta, and a cat, Duncan. Infinitely curious about others, she values teams with intentional calls towards kindness, honesty and integrity. When everyone is safe to succeed and follows through, the sky is the limit.

Clear communication and nitty gritty details feel like home to Gabby. She unites everyone on the same page, recaps what has happened and maps out the next necessary steps. Her genuine curiosity and interest in others often surprises her team members. Roadblocks start disappearing, needs are anticipated and work happens more smoothly than ever before!

In former work lives, Gabby taught high school ag and was Operations Manager for a farmer-owned food company that distributed rice and local pantry staples to fine dining chefs and institutional food service. Gabby’s a developer and a system builder passionate about solutions that work for years to come. She loves agriculture and the food industry, and wants to help stakeholders develop sustainable and regenerative practices that meet present needs while reaping benefits for future generations.

On the weekends, Gabby and Daniel camp, fish, hunt and cook up favorite dishes at Lake Berryessa with their family. She loves event planning, talking about the Enneagram, rainy days, natural color palettes, and all things Brené Brown. At Gabby’s house you’re sure to find a healthy supply of coffee and, when it’s time for a snack, charcuterie.