Vivayic Talent:

Erin Nessmith

Project Owner

“Being a bridge for our clients between all of the possibilities that come from intentional development, passionate creativity, and thoughtful decisions is empowering!”

Daughter of American and Canadian parents, Erin spent six years in Canada before returning to her hometown of New Smyrna Beach, Florida. She met her husband Tyler at the University of Florida, and they married a year after their senior year. Their son Brantley brings sensitivity and a kinetic passion for everything outside and sports, while their fearless Aubrey keeps them guessing and admiring her courage.

Erin’s a developer. She takes the unnoticed and turns it into a big deal. That’s why she’s so good at making clients and colleagues feel secure enough to grow. She brings a deliberate outsiders perspective to break up stagnant “industry think” and usher in positive change. Erin isn’t afraid to bring a wild idea outside of everyone’s comfort zone, pros and cons in-hand, ready to make a difference.

Her young farmer clients and members remember Erin for her problem solving skills. She guides decision making without calling the shots and creates room for her teams to grow. The University of Florida noticed her leadership skills after only a year into the Middle School Agriculture program she opened near New Smyrna. They made her the UF College of Agriculture Academic Coordinator in Plant City.

If you spend time working with Erin, you’ll learn fast she’s got a penchant for spontaneity. She and her husband Tyler took a trip to Georgia on a whim and loved the landscape and the people so much, they packed up and moved four years into marriage. They’re still known to pick up the kids and drive to the nearest waterfall when the occasion strikes. Erin is passionate about her faith, teaches Sunday school to the 4-year old class, and she and Tyler love time with their family more than most anything.