Vivayic Talent:

Emily Robinson

Learning Designer

“I love how the work we do is fully surrounded by our company values, we are being authentic with clients, empathetic with team members, and we stay curious by always looking at ways to improve any given project or design.”

A bonafide creative, Emily grew up on her family’s farm in Skippers, VA, where the Robinsons have lived for eight generations. Her creative nature led her to a BFA in Architectural Design from James Madison University, and then instructional design. Today, she calls Richmond, Virginia home, along with her cat, Honey.

If Emily is on your team, you’re going to have fun working. She brings her brand of warm positivity to every project and facet of life. You won’t be surprised then, to learn she holds deep convictions about being a positive influence in the world. Making people feel welcomed and helping others build their own capacity to do good gets her up and motivated to meet every day with glad confidence.

While she’s been wielding her powers of positivity, she’s also built a reputation for razor-sharp problem solving. As a learning developer, Emily’s glad-to-meet you nature enables her to quickly understand needs and assimilate a variety of perspectives. She’s just that good at finding the right details to help everyone learn.

Speaking of little details, she’s also a phenomenal event planner. Emily’s Southern hospitality shines while planning a football tailgate, winery visit or even a spur-of-the-moment porch sit. If she had to pick a way to spend the weekend, she’d have all her friends and family over to relax and ride the boat on the Rappahannock River.