Vivayic Talent:

Dane White

Account Manager

“To create knowledge or capacity where there was once only potential is satisfying on a scale I have a hard time even describing. Fulfillment of a deep calling is embedded in this work.”

Born in Eureka, California, Dane graduated from Chico State University before he taught 12 years of agriculture at Galt High School, coaching varsity soccer, advising student leadership and developing a hands-on learning cooperative on campus. He then worked as the Assistant State FFA Advisor for the California Department of Education, where he ran leadership programming and curriculum efforts.

When you need some positive mojo on your team, call Dane. His powerful optimism combined with an incredible ability to empower keeps heads high and goals accomplished. Dane is at his best unraveling complex problems, dissecting and understanding their components, and weaving together a solution from those threads.

Dane believes that his students and clients already know what they’ve got...the solutions, the intentions, the best of what they could be. Dane is the one who helps them piece together and then wrestle with how to do the great things that brew in their minds. He listens to people talk about possibility, sets his brain to work, then celebrates when as-yet-buried potential blooms.

The world remains astounding to Dane, who thrives on adventure and finds every opportunity to explore near and far. He’s an avid soccer fan, and supports Chelsea, Real Madrid and Sacramento Republic FC. Multiple jerseys in his wardrobe confirm the obsession. Dane loves being an uncle to Ellie and Nash, and Patch, his rescue dog, accompanies him on every bike ride he takes through the valley.