Vivayic Talent:

Craig Rebich

Senior Learning Strategist

“We do something every day that helps others be their best selves. For me, there is no greater purpose than serving each other.”

Sometimes Craig’s two children can’t help but roll their eyes. An educator to the core, Craig does not pass up opportunities to turn something into a learning experience. He’s quick to answer their questions with questions. It’s more than a delay tactic; it’s part of a rooted belief that inquiry is central to learning.

Craig carried that belief with him during his four years as a CTE teacher and two years as a curriculum specialist at the Indiana Department of Education. He then joined a full-service consulting firm in Indianapolis as the leader of an instructional design team and manager of major education outreach projects for clients. Craig joined the Vivayic team in 2010.

As Senior Learning Strategist, Craig spends a lot of time asking clients and internal project teams discovery questions. He asks these questions with the goal of designing the best strategies and solutions to make an effective impact for the organizations we serve. He believes that the best answers are out there waiting to be discovered.

Aside from asking questions, Craig has the answers to a lot of random trivia and knows his fair share about music; music is what keeps him going. He and his wife Tiffany, daughter Hannah, and son Evan live in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Craig is on board for any activity that can “do good things for people.” He can be counted on to show up and lend a hand.