Vivayic Talent:

Charlsy Godowns

Project Owner

“I love the opportunity that I have to work with clients, learn their needs, and offer solutions that help them grow into their best version of themselves.”

As a proud Georgian her entire life, Charlsy attended Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC) in Tifton, GA. She and her husband, Will, live on his family’s ancestral farm in Woodbury, with their three Australian Cattle dogs — Melvin, Mable, and Ryder — who also love the cows and wide open spaces farmlife provides. Charlsy’s love for life on the farm drives her desire to advocate on behalf of agriculture, especially the beef sector.

If you ask Charlsy’s coworkers about her strengths, they will tell you about her vision for creating programs that make a big impact. Her clients love that Charlsy achieves lofty goals while staying true to core values and vision. Creative solutions, effective programming, big results...that’s Charlsy.

In her free time, Charlsy tackles farm work, keeps an eye out for rare bird sightings, and wrings out quality time with her extended family. She loves supporting foster parents, especially the non-profit Foster the Family, an organization providing practical necessities and caring support to children in foster care and their families. If Charlsy could convince Will that winter and snow aren’t all that bad, they’d move out west to Montana in a heartbeat.