Vivayic Talent:

Carrie Derner

Learning Designer

“The people. Great human beings who bring their very best to help others do good in this world. What could be better?”

Here’s a tip if you find yourself at a restaurant with Carrie: don’t expect her to suggest the table just order a bunch of desserts to share. It’s not a lack of generosity, but a belief that good choices take time and should be meaningful. Carrie is just as deliberate about her choice of friends, music, running shoes…well, everything that is important to her. This is why you’ll find her agonizing at her desk about the best way to design a course or accommodate a client request: good decisions take thoughtful deliberation.

Carrie brings a degree in biology, extensive experience in conference and workshop facilitation, and her time as a high school science teacher to Vivayic. She works on education outreach projects and contributes to the learning design for health and life science-related projects. Additionally, Carrie is the steward of Vivayic’s community outreach and team engagement efforts.

As a Washington State alumnus, Carrie waves the flag proudly for the Cougs, even though she lives in the heart of Husker territory (Lincoln, Nebraska) along with husband Seth and sons, Rece and Beau. When not working or working out, you’ll find her volunteering for the local YMCA, taking on sewing projects, connecting with close friends, or pinning items for her Pinterest boards — but only a few carefully considered items, of course.