Vivayic Talent:

Candice Gouge

Chief Operating Officer

“Most people don’t understand how much talent and value they have – I see them, and then turn the mirror around so they can see themselves.”

She’s lived all over the U.S. — from Cleveland to Santa Cruz from Fort Worth to Miramar Beach — but no matter where she is, we’re glad Candice is part of the Vivayic team. She not only challenges people to be their best, but she passionately reminds them just how special, unique, and valuable they are. This shines through Candice’s entire being.

Having spent her whole professional life working in logistics and supply chain management, she’s been in every role imaginable: customer service, accounting, project management, account management, solutions design, consulting, sales, office remodels...and a partridge and a pear tree (You get the idea!). Likely as a result of working in a variety of roles, she’s able to interpret issues and create clarity so everyone can move forward.

With her sons, Slade and Trent, grown and out of the house, she loves getting to watch them thrive (and do their own laundry!) alongside her husband, Darren. When she’s not with family or spending time at the beach, she’s most likely in her craft room creating new things and expressing herself through design.