Vivayic Talent:

Becca Creasy

Account Manager

“Through our greatest struggles and the subsequent outcomes, one core life lessons is always declared a truth: people matter! I believe with every ounce of my being, that my purpose in this world pivots around fostering other’s growth – providing them with the means, the capacity, the affirmation, the knowledge, the creativity, the assurance or the confidence to make tiny steps, one-by-one, in the direction of growth in which they’re called to go in.”

As a wife, mother, economists, and writer, Becca has journeyed through a diverse background that leaves her uniquely equipped and ready for new challenges. Although she is an 8th generation Floridan (it’s hard to believe there are actually people who aren’t snow birds that live there!), she has travelled the world, lived all over the country and has come to call Georgia home. Georgia is where she met her handsome and charismatic husband, Jarrod, and where they are raising their strong-willed and fearless little girl, Finley, on their first-generation family farm with an in-house USDA Inspected Abattoir business.

After college, Becca spent some time in academic advising and instruction in higher education, worked for a US Senator in public policy, and then spent the better part of a decade in corporate Ag working for the largest seeds and traits organization in the world. Her experience in the corporate sector brings a unique perspective to our team as she in innately equipped to provide clarity and context in recognizing the felt, but sometimes non-identified needs of our clients. As an award-winning sales professional and industry leader, she is able to leverage her background and keen insights to help develop those around her in ways that are best suited to the learning styles of the audience. As the wife of an entrepreneur, Becca has also invested incredible sweat and intellectual equity in the foundations of growing, sustaining and scaling a small business – another layer of assets that provides incredible value to our clients.

With age and experience, Becca has become more and more sentimental over the years. One of the most treasured hand-me-down items in her possession is her grandmother’s 1983 Bernina sewing machine – the same machine that Becca learned to handmake quilts on and the same machine she still sews on today. Quilting is a generational passion on both sides of her family, and one she has already started teaching her 3 year old daughter.

After a high-risk pregnancy and the premature birth of Finley (she was 12 weeks early and weighed a whopping 2lbs 5oz), Becca has developed a profound connection to everything! Spending what seemed like an eternity in the Neonatal ICU, the March of Dimes and Ronald McDonald House of Charities became a natural and driving mission in Becca’s life. She serves on the NICU Board at the hospital where Finley was born, volunteers in the neonatal and pediatric units, and dedicates her time, writing, development skills to organizations that support the care of families with a NICU or PICU experience.