Vivayic Talent:

Audrey Cant

Learning Analyst

“I find great satisfaction learning and exploring with all sorts of people to help them find their purpose, fulfill their ambitions, and exceed their expectations”

Audrey grew up in Union, OR, where she also graduated with Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from Eastern Oregon University. Before embarking on her 14 years teaching at Imbler Elementary School, Audrey ran leadership conferences for the the National FFA doing WLC (Washington Leadership Experience) and EIP (Excellence in Presentations). She’s currently earning her Ed.S. degree from Northwest Nazarene University.

Audrey is a professional motivator. But don’t get her confused with shallow platitude sayers. Audrey honed her skills over a decade in teaching kindergarten, plus four years teaching first grade. She makes relationships fast, figures out what makes the minds under her responsibility tick, then dives headfirst into equipping and empowering.

Her students and clients walk away from Audrey’s instruction with confidence, knowing how to leverage their unique gifts and abilities against any challenge. They feel seen, understood and often delighted in their own abilities. Audrey’s favorite moments are when her students and clients find their own ideas and abilities surprising.

Audrey loves Disney, she’s constantly reading at least six books at a time, and most importantly, Audrey’s family loves family. She and her husband, JD, live on his ancestral ranch, and all of the extended relatives live nearby. Audrey and JD’s kids Jayda, Jeytt, Justis and Joren cherish every moment with their cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents. Needless to say, Cant family gatherings are big and full of warmth. Imbler, Oregon makes for a beautiful place to have a home.