Vivayic Talent:

Ashley Giesken

Project Owner

“I love to be helpful. Helping others on a daily basis brings me joy.”

Ashley grew up on a small cattle farm in Southeast Iowa, with her parents and two sisters. She attended Northwest Missouri State, earning a degree in Agricultural Education. She still lives in the area with her husband Jason, and their children Eli and Weston.

Ashley loves to be helpful. She looks for opportunity to assist others, and a successful lending of a hand brings her significant joy. In fact, she lends time to organizations like PHARM Dog USA. They raise and train dogs for farmers with disabilities, tailoring each dog’s training to meet the owner’s needs. PHARM Dogs are taught to herd livestock, stabilize their owners, fetch tools and other essential behaviors for around the farm.

As an adept conversationalist, Ashley is an open book. She’s kind, gregarious and puts everyone around her at ease with well-timed humor. If you get a chance to chat with Ashley, you’re sure to have a brighter day and a little extra pep in your step.

Ashley adores time with her family. When she’s not working, she’s hanging out with her crew of boys. Together they love to enjoy and talk about their yearly big vacation, and scatter shorter weekend trips throughout the year. Those weekends also work well to pop over for a visit with her family in Iowa.