Vivayic Talent:

Anne Woods

Learning Developer/Designer

“I like being creative and collaborating with others. People often tell me I'm very reliable; they can trust a task assigned to me will be done on time and with high quality.”

Working with Anne you’ll often hear, “What are we trying to accomplish? What does the user want to get from this? What are we trying to communicate here?” With that information she then organizes content, structures menus, designs screens, recommends interactions, creates templates, writes style guides, and defines specifications.

Originally from Federal Way, Washington (state, not DC!), Anne went to college in both Davis and Arcata, California. Anne has more than 10 years of experience in web, including UX/UI design, visual design and front-end development. She likes being creative and collaborating with others to make websites and trainings that are easy to use and understand. Most of her projects involve defining specifications and visual design for e-learning web applications and courses. She has put her skills to work for entities like Stanford, Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital, the CDC and a host of others.

When she’s not strategizing her way through a new user problem, you can probably find Anne out in the woods. She enjoys walks in beautiful spaces, digging for Himalayan blackberry and nature photography.