Vivayic Talent:

Alix Ambriz

Learning Designer

“I love that we focus on building a relationship with our clients first, then determine what learning solution best fits their needs.”

“It can’t be done that way.” Don’t be so sure. That is just the thing that motivates Alix to find a way. A way to be more efficient, more engaging, a way to get better results, and create meaningful experiences for learners.

As an intern, Alix asked the same question every day, “How can I make your life better today?” We quickly figured out she was serious. Given a task and some context, Alix would dig in, find ways to get her questions answered, problem solve if needed, and, the next day, you would find your little (or big) task completed thoughtfully and thoroughly with a note to let you know she was thankful to play a role. Too good to be true? Well, years later she has never let us down. Her can-do approach, desire to connect and build relationships, and self-sufficiency make her an asset we were not willing to part with post-graduation. Alix began working full-time as a team member in the spring of 2016.

Alix is the oldest of four daughters who have tremendous pride in the family farm and beef cattle operation. Dad soon came to appreciate the girls’ attention to detail and the lower equipment maintenance bills as a result. Alix took her passions to the University of Nebraska Lincoln where she was heavily involved in the Engler Entrepreneurship program earning a minor in Entrepreneurship alongside her Agriculture Education degree.

#StongMemeGame is Alix’s self-proclaimed talent. She’s provided a link for the non-millennials reading along to catch up on meme culture. They have become part of her charm in her daily communication and the reason her emails often get priority when we need a good laugh. She's even accomplished the goal of Vivayic group Snapchats!

Away from work, Alix enjoys a combination of friends and family gatherings around hot mugs of coffee or tables of food. Alix married her best friend, Andrew, shortly after starting full time. Andrew and Alix both share a continued passion for agriculture and rural economic development; therefore it’s no surprise that they settled in and are building community in the town of McCook, Nebraska through their family business, Sehnert's Bakery. They have three sons, Zander, Isaiah, and Joshua.