Vivayic Talent:

Abby Isackson

Graphic Designer

“Learning new things is always exciting, but learning from someone who loves what they do elevates the project to another level.”

Abby lives in Springfield, Missouri with her two super active, soccer-playing daughters. Graphic Design was a fitting choice for Abby, because she’s the queen of organization and turning information into beautifully legible reality. She graduated from Missouri State University, and put her skills to work for 15 years at her alma mater.

You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who’s better under pressure. Those projects that make everyone else nervous? Abby specifically requests them, and she’ll knock them out of the park, hitting every deadline along the way. While others might sacrifice critique to hit deadlines, Abby’s natural curiosity draws out the rich, valuable feedback every project needs to thrive. Her teammates feel included, her clients feel heard, and everyone gets a fabulous project delivered.

Abby loves creativity. Two years later, she’s still talking about Through the Eyes of Picasso. She caught the exhibit connecting Picasso’s life work to his personal collection at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art and hasn’t been the same since. When her family isn’t traveling to national parks and museums, they’re loving on rescue pooches and cats at their local humane society. If she had to give up anything, coffee and books would NEVER make the list.