Our guiding purpose is to build others' capacity to do good in the world by helping them use learning as a strategy to enable larger goals. Our ambition is to partner with organizations that share in our vision of affecting positive change.

Areas of Positive Impact

Please join us and share the vision. How can we help your organization do good in the world?

Helping organizations that strive to impact underprivileged and marginalized communities

  • Facilitating success for shareholder farmers in the developing world.
  • Equipping rural communities to build a better future.
  • Helping altruistic organizations to have a greater impact.

Bringing relevance to K-16 education

  • Better delivering Career and Technical Education.
  • Improving youth access to learning experiences that are interesting, meaningful and engaging.
  • Helping companies and industry organizations commit more investment into sharing their technical expertise with educators for the benefit of student learning.

Building the human capital needed to ensure a safe, sustainable food supply

  • Better equipping key systems of knowledge transfer to serve the needs of farmers and ranchers.
  • Developing more thoughtful strategies to promote human capital at leading agricultural companies.
  • Better preparing young people to enter a career in food, agriculture, and natural resources.

Partnering with organizations that genuinely care about employee engagement and development

  • Helping start-ups to become Small Giants.
  • Generating new ideas, which lead to new approaches, which lead to better places to work.