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Organizational Need for Learning as a Strategy

Innovative technology regularly precedes thorough know-how of efficient and effective use. This is not a shortcoming but a natural outcome. For this reason, many companies often pilot programs before making them operational. New technologies often enter the market quickly. Companies are required to hit the ground running with minimal time to develop a complete training platform to accompany the product or service.

A company offering a new, cloud-based analytics and decision-making tool for farmers wanted to engage early adopters and demonstrate success and use that data to promote widespread interest in year two. Because of the seasonal nature of crop production, the tool had to be ready to introduce at planting season — mid-March for the initial market. When the client reached out to us, it was early January. A training event for the sales representatives was scheduled for the beginning of March. However, the tool was still under development and there was a growing concern among senior leaders that the training event would fall short of needed outcomes. That could jeopardize their business plans by an entire year, and they would lose the advantage of being first to the market with this type of platform.

The learners reported immediate, meaningful applications in conversations with customers and teammates

Our Solution to Build Capacity


Acting quickly, the Vivayic team worked to get alignment and clarity on the desired outcomes of the training event. The client recognized they had too many agenda items, and we helped narrow the scope to two primary goals: prepare to have a meaningful discussion about the value of the tool for their operation and be able to help the farmer install the solution. Since the tool would not be functional until days prior to the training, timelines were negotiated to ensure precision of handoffs between designers, developers, and those leading the training sessions. Because Vivayic is used to working with high-consequence training efforts, we have an internal resourcing system that can be programmed to ensure the right people are available at the right time to advance a project quickly.


The Vivayic team recognized the need to think and understand quickly. Technical experts worked with the design team to create an instructor-led session that helped industry experts equip stakeholders with information to be effective in sales conversations as well as daily support conversations: What is the problem this technology is trying to solve?, How does the technology work?, How do you sell this type of solution?, How will this investment have a return?, etc. Due to these conversations, changes were common. Features that were planned were scrapped and processes that had been established were revised all in the name of having a viable and successful tool ready for use. These types of in-the-moment changes are not typical for most clients, but our team understands that fast-moving technology companies must be afforded a more agile learning-design process.


Vivayic’s built solution combined motivation, concept learning, and application. Motivation helped the client step back and tell the story about why the product was useful to the customer. Concept learning was developed with the help of technical experts to ensure accuracy and validity. Applications included scenarios and hands-on experiences which gave stakeholders the opportunity to practice conversations approaching customers about adding the product to their solution. Real-time feedback was provided with examples and modeling of ideal responses.

Results that Matter

In the end, a fully-functional live platform wasn’t available at the time of the training event. We had to rely on the use of a sandbox version of the tool for our training exercises. Not ideal, but we had prepared for that contingency. Direct feedback from learners verified the learning event was well received. This type of technology was the beginning of a sea change for them and many expected it to be much more difficult to position the value to their customers. The learners reported immediate, meaningful applications in conversations with customers and teammates upon returning to their home locations. The client went on to meet sales and engagement targets for that year and establish themselves as the leader in that technology platform.


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