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Identifying Behaviors That Move the Needle

Organizational Need for Learning as a Strategy

As the agriculture industry evolves, companies search for new ways to sustain themselves in the changing market. Successful organizations proactively take action to ensure they have the human resource capabilities to meet current and future business needs. After acquiring several smaller companies, one client found that residual strategies, processes, cultures, and systems from the legacy organizations were creating misalignment and confusion. As they restructured and began executing a new go-to-market strategy, they realized a need to define the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to be successful in the new organization.

The client needed to define the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to be successful

Our Solution to Build Capacity

Vivayic embarked on a journey to help the client define competency models for six key roles in the sales organization. The competency models needed to function in a way that balanced current competencies critical to sustaining the company culture with the introduction of new competencies purposed to be differentiators for driving forward the new go-to-market strategy.

To define the current status, Vivayic reviewed job descriptions, training materials, and strategic planning documents. Then, we conducted approximately 30 interviews with top performers across the six roles. We analyzed the themes that emerged from the interviews and presented them to company leadership for input. Once company leadership provided insight, an initial framework was built that outlined the competencies and behavioral indicators for up to four levels of proficiency. The framework was then validated by company leadership and employees at all levels within the sales organization. To support the change management efforts, Vivayic developed an 18-month change management plan that clearly outlines how to roll out and use the competency model frameworks.

The frameworks are designed to transcend role changes and adapt to the changing dynamics of leadership teams. Not only does the model clarify expectations for each of the six roles, it supports and aligns to the client’s talent management strategy. The framework will be used to screen and evaluate candidates, prioritize training efforts, coach for performance, identify high potentials, and reward and recognize the behaviors that truly move the needle.

The competency model framework outlines the key behaviors, knowledge, skills, and attitudes that drive success

Results that Matter

If everything is important, nothing is important. The competency model framework clearly outlines the key behaviors, knowledge, skills, and attitudes that drive success. By doing this, the client now has a basis for investment decisions such as training, career planning, appraisals, rewards, and other development opportunities. For this client, the framework aligns expectations across geographies and teams. It also clearly defines how employees can provide a meaningful contribution every day. Providing this type of clarity has been shown to positively correlate with job satisfaction and reduced turnover. Ultimately, the client has uncovered the key competencies that drive success and move the needle for their organization.


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