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Development Assets for Dealers Meets Critical Need for Onboarding Acceleration

Organizational Need for Learning as a Strategy

Feedback from sales leaders for an international seed and chemistry supplier identified a persistent turnover rate of more than 20% for seed sellers in their dealerships. This turnover was requiring significant annual investment of time by sales representatives to respond to requests for new seller training and coaching. Sales representatives were developing their own training programs which competed with time they needed to execute on business development goals.

Our Solution to Build Capacity

Vivayic worked with the company’s dealer development group to define a strategy for developing a collection of evergreen development assets and creating a change management strategy to ensure adoption and use of the assets by the sales organization. In partnership with the dealer development team, Vivayic worked to discover best practices by top performing sales representatives, define the context for how these assets would be experienced by the learner, and organize a curricular structure that aligned to the performance expectations for sellers.

Prototypes for assets were developed and pilot tested with end users to understand how design could be improved to drive both utilization and effectiveness. Within 12 months, more than 300 development assets — videos, interactive tools, on-the-job training exercises, presentations, and knowledge-building elearning modules — were developed utilizing the expertise and experience of more than 25 experts across the company. The collection of assets was made available via an integration with the company’s CRM.

Within 12 months more than 300 development assets were developed

Results that Matter

The company deployed the collection of assets and launched an internal training effort to equip sales leaders and sales representatives with strategies for utilizing the assets to build onboarding efforts with new sellers. Almost immediately, feedback from sales leaders provided evidence that the collection of development assets was saving time and helping sales representatives be more effective when assisting with onboarding new sellers for their dealers.

Additionally, the effort was so well received that the dealer development group was requested to re-purpose the assets for use with international markets and to align the assets to the company’s global sales enablement frameworks.


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