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Yes, It’s Possible to Host a Successful and Enjoyable Virtual Meeting

Oct 11, 2016

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Doug Kueker
Co-Founder/Director of Learning Services

Four times per year, our team gathers in person for a two- to three-day meeting. As the team has grown, so have the options for meeting locations. This is good as Lincoln, Nebraska is a great city, but it doesn’t compare to Florida in February.

We enjoy getting together. We like each other. We have fun. However, our travel schedules were unusually heavy this spring, and the logistics for a May meeting weren’t coming together; hence the virtual team meeting. We are a virtual company so Skype, instant messaging, and web meetings are part of our every day. But the thought of a three-day virtual meeting didn’t stand out as something I was looking forward to.

To my pleasant surprise, the virtual meeting was one of our most productive, engaging, and efficient team meetings to date with zero travel required.

Keys to Success

As I reflect on the meeting, there were several things we did in preparation for and during the meeting that contributed to success.


There were a couple bumps in the road. While annoying, they were not detrimental. At one point we were interrupted by what sounded like interference from a police scanner. Apparently, there was a lot of action in St. Louis that day, and Miranda’s speakers picked it up. We banished her to mute until break time. Having her swap over to her headset solved the problem.


While we have no intention of canceling all of our in-person meetings, it’s fair to say everyone was impressed with both the experience and the results of the meeting. We accomplished most of our task list, and it was a good venue for showcasing recently completed projects. Perhaps best of all: We did not have to pack up suitcases and catch flights home.

Doug Kueker
Co-Founder/Director of Learning Services

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