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Why We Care About Being a “Best Place to Work”

Dec 01, 2017

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Emily Kueker
Business Manager

Vivayic was just named as one of "Inc. Magazine’s" Best Places to Work 2017 and we’re not going to lie: we’re proud of this one. Why?


This is part of our purpose for existing.
Vivayic’s purpose is to build others' capacity to do good in the world. This purpose drives the partnerships we develop with our clients and shows up in our learning solutions, but it also means we invest in our own people. Our teammates do amazing things to build other people’s capacity — both as part of their role with Vivayic and in their communities. We invest in cultivating their talents and passions to help build their capacity to do even more good in this world.


We love our teammates and want them to love working with us.
One of our business mentors, Tom Walter of Tasty Catering, taught us that it’s okay to talk about love in the workplace, and we ran with it. We love our teammates. We know their spouses, their kids, what’s going on in their community, and what they aspire to do and be. And, when you love people, you want them to be fulfilled and engaged in their calling as a vocation. While that’s not a great business metric; it’s a great living a good and full life metric.


Happy Teammates = Happy Clients = Sustained Growth
The funny thing about caring about people is that they, in turn, care a whole lot about what they do and who they do it for. Vivayic made "Inc. Magazine's" 5000 list of fastest growing small businesses in 2016 and will likely again this year. Coincidence? We don’t think so either.


We work hard at this.
Creating great culture, especially in a virtual working environment, doesn’t just happen. We connected with the Small Giants Community five years ago and have learned from some of the country’s most outstanding business leaders. The most important lesson: make being a great place to work a priority and work on it every day.

Read the official announcement.

Emily Kueker
Business Manager

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