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Vivayic Makes "Inc. Magazine's" 5000 Most Successful Companies List

Aug 15, 2019

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Seth Derner
Co-Founder and Co-CEO

We made the 2019 “Inc. Magazine’s” 5000 Most Successful Companies in America List — our fourth year in a row. This year our rank was — Drumroll, please! — 5000.

No, seriously. We are #5000 in the 2019 “Inc. Magazine’s” 5000.

We knew our growth slowed a bit last year (Thankfully!), and we weren’t sure we’d qualify for the list this year but figured it didn’t hurt anything to apply. When we received advance notice that we had made the list, Emily chuckled and said, “We’re probably #4,999.”

No, Emily, your guess was a bit high.

So, does one celebrate being the last one on a list? Well, answer these:


Do you celebrate finishing a marathon?


Do you celebrate getting the last ticket to the best concert of the year?


Do you celebrate your team or candidate winning by one extra point or vote?

Of course, you do!!!

We celebrate being #5000 because it’s a testament to the hundreds of little things our team does every day to make sure our clients love working with us and our solutions actually drive learning and performance.

We celebrate being #5000 because there are tens of thousands of small businesses that would love to be on our trajectory of solid, sustainable growth — especially four years of it!

We celebrate being #5000 because that growth has allowed us to bring on more awesome team members and to do more work that leads to our vision for impact.

Finally — on a personal note — I’m celebrating being #5000 because it’s a testament to what happens when you adhere to a clear purpose, core values, and a way of doing things that puts people at the center of everything we do. We don’t have external investors. We don’t owe anyone a dime. We don’t have anyone pushing us to grow for the sake of growth. Our growth is the byproduct of doing the right thing with the right people. If we can be a model for 1000, 10, or even one more entrepreneurs to pursue this approach, I’ll be proud of the small dent we’ve made in the universe.

Seth Derner
Co-Founder and Co-CEO

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