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The Question That Changed Me

Jan 29, 2019

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Whitney Thurmond
Learning Designer

The question was posed by our friend over a backyard campfire. Instantly, the conversation flipped from lighthearted to thought-provoking.

What is the good in the world you know you should be doing, but are not?

My husband and I gave each other a knowing look. With no words spoken, we knew our answer: fostering.

That night we learned about Safe Families for Children. It is a nonprofit that has built a network of host families that provide support to families in crisis. It’s simple: We open our hearts, our arms, and our homes. Safe Families calls it radical hospitality.

A few months later, my husband and I had gone through the necessary background checks and training. We would welcome an energetic, warm, innocent five-year-old boy into our home. It is that experience that has shifted my worldview more than any other.

So, why do I give financial resources in addition to my home, love, and time?

Undeniable Impact

Our little guy is no longer with us, but my heart breaks each time I receive a text alert for a new family in need. It takes me back to all the moments.

I hear the pain in his voice when he asks to see his mom again. I see the disappointment cross his face when his classmates announce his mom is here, and he turns to find…me. I feel the tears stream down my face as I apologize to his teacher for his behavior. I remember celebrating in our kitchen as he read his 30th sight word. I see his face light up as he opens gifts on Christmas morning.

Yes, my heart is broken, but I’m better for it.

Our little guy is now thriving with his grandma, but the need is still great. In the time I have spent writing this post, I have received two text alerts from the Safe Families branch in my area. Both texts shared a hosting need for children of single moms who are looking to secure housing and work. These children — the 14-year-old male and the nine-year-old female — are the reason I give, and the blessing is double because Vivayic matches my gift.

There are other ways the Vivayic team supported us:


Donated two new car seats


Mailed children's books, clothes, and toys


Offered parenting advice


Sent educational resources to help him catch up


Set up a flexible work schedule so I could attend events and meetings at his school and day care


Assured me that behaviors I was concerned about were normal for any five-year-old

Whitney Thurmond
Learning Designer

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