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Field of Hope: The Curriculum Cycle

Jan 23, 2019

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Whitney Thurmond
Learning Designer

We have feet on the ground in Uganda! Those feet belong to Doug Kueker, Leah Gibson, Morgan Walkup, Andrea Tenney, and several more from Field of Hope.

The team arrived in time to be greeted by the rains. If you haven’t experienced the African rains, there truly is nothing quite like watching the clouds roll over the Nile River, seeing lightning crack across a sky with zero light pollution, and listening to the drops pound on an old tin roof.

Toto had it right to bless the African rains.

Like so many things in nature (and agriculture for that matter), the water cycle is just that — cyclical.

The rains will come.
They will nourish.
They will gather.
They will evaporate, build back up, and come again.

The team in Uganda is both wrapping up the curriculum development cycle and beginning a new cycle just like the rains.

We will come.
We will nourish.
We will gather insight.
We will head back home to build, but we will come again.

This trip has two goals:


Deliver and train teachers on the second year of the Ugandan agriculture lesson plans


Collect content from teachers to begin development of the third year of the plans

Ugandan secondary agriculture teachers explore the new Senior 2 curriculum during their training on Tuesday.

This week, the team is delivering 482 pages of lesson plans, experience guides, quizzes, essay questions, and supplemental materials designed to equip Ugandan teachers with the resources to teach agriculture through experiential learning. The team is conducting a two-and-a-half day training that will set these teachers up for success during the next school year which begins in one month.

The training marks the end of developing the Senior 2 lesson plans but also the beginning of developing the Senior 3 lesson plans. Here’s a glimpse into our year-long process.

Template Design — March and April 2017 (one-time step)

Essential Knowledge — January through June

Design and Develop — June through November

Support Utilization — December and January

Teachers share why they teach agriculture and the importance of agriculture education in Uganda during the training led by Vivayic.

The rains are welcomed by Ugandans in January, as it is their hottest — and usually driest — month of the year. The dry ground is ready to soak up the precious resource. Our desire is for our curriculum resources to nourish Ugandan agriculturalists as the African rains nourish their crops.

Whitney Thurmond
Learning Designer

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