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Technology and Innovation

Companies bringing innovative and sophisticated technology to the marketplace, regardless of industry, often face the challenge of educating sales teams, channel partners, and users to enable adoption and sales. Vivayic frequently works to facilitate expertise transfer from researchers, engineers, or programmers and translate that expertise into tools and programs that enable sales or drive usage.

Your Challenge

Educate Sales Teams and Channel Partners

How we Drive Results

  • Educational Outreach Programming
  • Business Case Development
  • New Product Launch

Your Challenge

Enable User Adoption

How we Drive Results

  • Learning-needs Analysis
  • Learning Games
  • Performance Support Tools and Applications

Your Challenge

Retain and Transfer Expertise

How we Drive Results

  • Knowledge Management Planning
  • Talent Development Strategic Planning

Stories & Studies

Positive Impact


Speed | Agility | Execution

Companies are required to hit the ground running with minimal time to develop a complete training platform to accompany the product or service.

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Team Specialists

Craig Rebich

Sometimes Craig’s two children can’t help but roll their eyes. An educator to the core, Craig does not pass up opportunities to turn something into a learning experience. He’s quick to answer their questions with questions. It’s more than a delay tactic; it’s part of a rooted belief that inquiry is central to learning.

Craig carried that belief with him during his four years as a CTE teacher and two years as a curriculum specialist at the Indiana Department of Education. He then joined a full-service consulting firm in Indianapolis as the leader of an instructional design team and manager...

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Doug Kueker

If you hear laughter echoing, there is a good chance Doug Kueker is close by. Good humor is one of his trademarks, but don’t let that fool you. When it comes to work ethic, you won’t find anyone more focused than Doug. Some people say designing learning and teaching is both an art and a science; Doug would agree and finds joy in this intersection with every project.

Doug’s career and background have given him outstanding opportunities to learn the art and science of teaching and learning. Doug led curriculum design and new learning initiatives at the National FFA Organization before...

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