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Social Impact and Community Development

Youth Development

Youth development programs offer supportive and empowering environments where activities create multiple opportunities for a range of skill-building and horizon-broadening experiences. Many of our team members come from this background and offer a high level of expertise in this field.

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Program Design

How we Drive Results

  • Educational Outreach Programming
  • Performance Support Tools and Applications

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Program Evaluation

How we Drive Results

  • Learning Evaluation Design and Implementation
  • Program Review

Team Specialists

Rick Henningfeld

If you’re throwing a party, you’ll want to invite Rick. He’s that guy: fun, outgoing, and able to make others feel immediately comfortable. He’s also the first to respond to a new idea with an enthusiastic, “Let’s try it!”

Rick brings a strong background in science and agriculture and 17 years of facilitation, training, and speaking experience to Vivayic. Rick’s teaching department developed a mission for their students: Production Agriculture Practices + Scientific Principles & Methodology = Students Prepared for Future Careers in Agricultural Industries. Rick brought the mission to life for students as he and his department redesigned all...

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