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Social Impact and Community Development

Youth Development

Youth development programs offer supportive and empowering environments where activities create multiple opportunities for a range of skill-building and horizon-broadening experiences. Many of our team members come from this background and offer a high level of expertise in this field.

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Program Design

How we Drive Results

  • Educational Outreach Programming
  • Performance Support Tools and Applications

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Program Evaluation

How we Drive Results

  • Learning Evaluation Design and Implementation
  • Program Review

Team Specialists

Rick Henningfeld

If you’re throwing a party, you’ll want to invite Rick. He’s that guy: fun, outgoing, and able to make others feel immediately comfortable. He’s also the first to respond to a new idea with an enthusiastic, “Let’s try it!”

Rick brings a strong background in science and agriculture and 17 years of facilitation, training, and speaking experience to Vivayic. Rick’s teaching department developed a mission for their students: Production Agriculture Practices + Scientific Principles & Methodology = Students Prepared for Future Careers in Agricultural Industries. Rick brought the mission to life for students as he and his department redesigned all...

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Miranda Carls

Having a bad day? Just talk to Miranda, and you’ll instantly feel better. She has an effervescent personality and the ability to see the good in every situation. Miranda’s coworkers say she is positive, dedicated, and authentic. Miranda doesn’t pretend to be awesome, she just shows up as herself in every situation and that leads to client and team success.

Miranda’s talent and expertise are a result of her education, past facilitation experiences, and career in managing the training and professional development functions for an agency with a staff of more than 800. Although, she officially joined Vivayic in a...

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