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Social Impact and Community Development

Community Development

Community development programs affect positive social impact by improving the lives of citizens through increased engagement and social cohesion. Vivayic understands the challenges and context in bringing solutions that build capacity while still having impact.

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Program Design

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  • Educational Outreach Programming

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Program Evaluation

How we Drive Results

  • Learning Evaluation Design and Implementation

Team Specialists

Lorena Hernandez

Lorena isn’t shy about proclaiming the title of Nerd: specifically, in the areas of math, science, and puns. She loves to offer up that she does indeed use algebra at work every day. Immersed in a spreadsheet is where Lorena feels most at home.

A train conductor meticulously reviews schedules to keep the rail yard running efficiently. You might find them instructing train crews on connecting cars or inspecting equipment before it leaves the yard. Lorena is our conductor although Resource Manager is her official title. She’s behind the scenes inspecting schedules, reviewing data, and making sure just the...

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Whitney Thurmond

Whitney has a pioneer-spirit about her. She developed strong roots in agriculture growing up in Oklahoma. Ask her a few questions about her public policy work and her passion around food security. You’ll find yourself thinking, “This is a lady who gets it and knows how to make things happen.”

Whitney attended Vanderbilt University and graduated with a Masters of Education in Leadership and Organizational Performance. She completed her undergraduate work at Oklahoma State University earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Communications. Between degrees, Whitney started her career as an education specialist with the National FFA Organization. Whitney...

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