who we help:

International Development

Nonprofit Organizations

Vivayic helps nonprofit international development organizations affect long-term social change through strategic consulting, guidance, and learning transfer systems. We are committed to creating positive impact by supporting nonprofit organizations in this critically important field.

Your Challenge

Leadership Programs for Long-term Success

How we Drive Results

  • Strategic Talent Development Planning
  • Knowledge Management Planning
  • Leadership Development

Your Challenge

Implementing Strategy and Measuring Performance

How we Drive Results

  • Educational Outreach Programming
  • Program Review
  • Evaluation Design

Team Specialists

Doug Kueker

If you hear laughter echoing, there is a good chance Doug Kueker is close by. Good humor is one of his trademarks, but don’t let that fool you. When it comes to work ethic, you won’t find anyone more focused than Doug. Some people say designing learning and teaching is both an art and a science; Doug would agree and finds joy in this intersection with every project.

Doug’s career and background have given him outstanding opportunities to learn the art and science of teaching and learning. Doug led curriculum design and new learning initiatives at the National FFA Organization before...

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