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Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Associations and Checkoff Organizations

Checkoff programs, also known as research and promotional programs, provide research and information for a particular agricultural commodity without being associated with specific producers or brands. An innovative and effective learning strategy bolsters these organizations' efforts to educate and communicate with the public.

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Explore New Approaches to Organizational Objectives

How we Drive Results

  • Program Assessment
  • Innovation in Program Design

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Educate Consumers of All Ages

How we Drive Results

  • Educational Outreach Programming
  • Efficient and Effective Program Devleopment

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Reach New Audiences

How we Drive Results

  • Unique Strategies and Innovations
  • Creative Promotional and Outreach Efforts

Stories & Studies

Positive Impact


Taking Initiative to Help Members Prepare for Industry Changes

In 2014, a commonly-agreed upon audit was released; it was to be used to audit animal well-being and food safety practices at pork production facilities across the United States.

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Team Specialists

Craig Rebich

Sometimes Craig’s two children can’t help but roll their eyes. An educator to the core, Craig does not pass up opportunities to turn something into a learning experience. He’s quick to answer their questions with questions. It’s more than a delay tactic; it’s part of a rooted belief that inquiry is central to learning.

Craig carried that belief with him during his four years as a CTE teacher and two years as a curriculum specialist at the Indiana Department of Education. He then joined a full-service consulting firm in Indianapolis as the leader of an instructional design team and manager...

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Cara White

Cara has strong roots in agriculture and in education. Growing up on a family farm in DeWitt, Nebraska, her upbringing has given her the skills necessary to be a valuable member of the Viviyac team.

Cara listens, analyzes, and then shares. When she does, be ready because her ideas will wow you. While working as a Program Assistant for Citizenship Washington Focus and as a Leadership Development Trainer for the Washington Leadership Conference, Cara discovered how much she enjoyed that type of alternative education, and it also reaffirmed her belief that she always wanted to be involved in the field.

Not only...

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Rick Henningfeld

If you’re throwing a party, you’ll want to invite Rick. He’s that guy: fun, outgoing, and able to make others feel immediately comfortable. He’s also the first to respond to a new idea with an enthusiastic, “Let’s try it!”

Rick brings a strong background in science and agriculture and 17 years of facilitation, training, and speaking experience to Vivayic. Rick’s teaching department developed a mission for their students: Production Agriculture Practices + Scientific Principles & Methodology = Students Prepared for Future Careers in Agricultural Industries. Rick brought the mission to life for students as he and his department redesigned all...

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Alix Ambriz

“It can’t be done that way.” Don’t be so sure. That is just the thing that motivates Alix to find a way. A way to be more efficient, more engaging, a way to get better results, and create meaningful experiences for learners.

As an intern, Alix asked the same question every day, “How can I make your life better today?” We quickly figured out she was serious. Given a task and some context, Alix would dig in, find ways to get her questions answered, problem solve if needed, and, the next day, you would find your little (or big) task completed...

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