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Vivayic draws on knowledge gained from deeply rooted experiences across a wide range of industries. We understand what you’re trying to accomplish because we’ve been there (and we’ve done that). This informs a unique perspective and helps us to solve problems like a good partner should — with insight, innovation, and efficiency.

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Feeding a growing population with fewer resources requires new technologies and innovative approaches. Successful organizations bring great ideas to the marketplace and have people equipped to execute on those ideas. Over the past 10 years, Vivayic has partnered on more than 100 human capital development projects to cultivate the talent that will drive agriculture forward.

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Precision and specialized manufacturers are bringing new transformative products to the market. Companies with workforce and channel partners that correctly position the value of these innovations are poised to prosper. Leading manufacturers have turned to Vivayic to improve quality assurance, accelerate knowledge transfer, and equip sales and retail partners with product knowledge.

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Health and Wellness

Emerging strategies that improve population health, innovations in health care, and new ideas for promoting wellness in communities are bringing new solutions to the health and wellness challenges in the United States. Organizations that recognize the value of learning a strategy to drive these new solutions forward will accelerate adoption and increase effectiveness of their efforts. Vivayic has helped organizations define and implement knowledge transfer and training programs as part of these strategies.

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Technology and Innovation

Companies bringing innovative and sophisticated technology to the marketplace, regardless of industry, often face the challenge of educating sales teams, channel partners, and users to enable adoption and sales. Vivayic frequently works to facilitate expertise transfer from researchers, engineers, or programmers and translate that expertise into tools and programs that enable sales or drive usage.

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Education and Workforce

Twenty-first century approaches to education and workforce development require innovative, integrated approaches that result in new ways that youth and adults access educational and training opportunities. Vivayic provides strategy consulting, initiative management, and program design services to help state and national agencies as well as organizations translate ideas into action.

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International Development

The challenge of ensuring food security for a future with nine billion people requires engaging the tremendous human capital of smallholder farmers in developing countries. Vivayic works with partners in this space to bring a human rights centered approach to training and development initiatives.

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Social Impact and Community Development

Cultivating change that improves communities and the lives of those who live there is noble work. There is an increasing need for strategic learning efforts to drive outcomes. Many Vivayic team members' backgrounds are grounded in this field; we bring solutions that build capacity while having impact with the understanding of the context and challenges.

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